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Black Varishape VCO1 Oscillator - 18HP

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Black Varishape VCO1 Oscillator - 18HP


The Erica Synths ‘Black Varishape VCO’ module is a design inspired by the Polivoks VCO. Erica Synths was so excited about new ideas that came from the engineering process that they ended up with something much more advanced than a simple Polivoks VCO clone. The Black Varishape VCO has solid tracking over 7 octaves and an internal mixer to mix direct and inverted waveforms (giving users board range of waveforms). If PWM signal is applied, users get an advanced waveshaper. Also, Erica Synths’ pride and joy, a transistor based suboscillator to fatten the sound is included in the design!

The Erica Synths Black Series features high-end modules with unique functionality. Only the highest quality components are used and all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired over-voltage. When designing the Black Series, Erica Synths did not economize on the module width, they put design and usability first. Big knobs are assigned to functions that make differences in sound. The Erica Synths Black Series are a range of modules that together make an entire synthesizer! 


  • Polivoks VCO-Based Advanced Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module
  • Course Frequency Control
  • 7 Octave Control Switch – Go below and above human hearing limits
  • Pulse Width Control – Adjust Pulse Width (When mixed with other waveforms, pulse signal works as a waveshaper)
  • 3X Oscillator Mix Control – Use these knobs to mix VCO signals and design a resulting waveshape! Knob 12o’clock means there is no signal present, fully CW users have 10Vptp signal, CCW – the same signal inverted
  • Sub Oscillator Mix Control – Add some transistor-based one octave down sub-oscillator sound
  • XMOD Control – Use this knob to adjust CV level
  • EXP FM Control – Use this knob to adjust CV level
  • 1V/Oct Input
  • EXP FM Input
  • XMOD Input
  • PWM CV Input
  • VCO Output

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 18 HP Width
  • 30mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 50mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V

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