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Black HADSR EG Envelope Generator - 10HP

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Black HADSR EG Envelope Generator - 10HP


The Erica Synths ‘Black HADSR EG’ is a feature-rich yet easily operated five stage envelope generator module. Use it with the Black CV Expander module to add more versatility and CV control.

The Erica Synths Black Series features high-end modules with unique functionality. Only the highest quality components are used and all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired over-voltage. When designing the Black Series, Erica Synths did not economize on the module width, they put design and usability first. Big knobs are assigned to functions that make differences in sound. The Erica Synths Black Series are a range of modules that together make an entire synthesizer! 


  • Feature-Rich Envelope Generator Module
  • EG Operation Mode Select Switch – Off: for normal gated envelopes, AD Loop: for typical envelope loops, ADSR Loop: for unique full ADSR loops where Sustain Time is set by the Hold knob
  • Hold Mode Control – Sets Hold Time, Hold can be before Attack (similar to Gate Delay) or after Attack to musically highlight attack stage
  • Hold Mode Stage Select Switch – Select between HADSR and AHDSR envelope modes
  • EG Mode Select Switch – Select between Linear or Logarithmic envelope shape
  • LED Indication – For Envelope Status
  • ADSR Control – Knobs set ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN and RELEASE levels – For more versatility use the Erica Black CV Expander to affect each stage level by control voltage – Before connecting CV Expander, remove 4 jumpers from CV Expander connector on Black Envelope Generator module and make sure the red stripe on ribbon cable matches black dots next to the connectors both on CV Expander and Envelope Generator
  • Gate Input
  • Trigger Input – For Re-Triggering the Envelope at any stage (If no cable is patched here, envelope is shaped by Gate Signal only)
  • INV. Output – Inverted output follows direct output and provides inverted, 0 - -10V envelope (Use it to duck audio signals or control VCFs)
  • Envelope Output – 0 - +10V

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 10 HP Width
  • 25mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 25mA @ +12V, 15mA @ -12V

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