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Black CV Expander - 8HP

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Black CV Expander - 8HP


The Erica Synths ‘Black CV Expander’ is a satellite cv expander module for the HADSR Envelope Generator. It allows each envelope to be controlled via external control voltage (CV), and as result users get unpredictable complex envelopes, ideal for random drones. It is internally patched to the Black Envelope Generator via a ribbon cable supplied with the module. Before connecting the CV expander, remove the 4 jumpers from the CV Expander connector on the Black Envelope Generator module and make sure that the red stripe on ribbon cable matches black dots next to the connectors both on CV Expander and Envelope Generator.

The Erica Synths Black Series features high-end modules with unique functionality. Only the highest quality components are used and all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired over-voltage. When designing the Black Series, Erica Synths did not economize on the module width, they put design and usability first. Big knobs are assigned to functions that make differences in sound. The Erica Synths Black Series are a range of modules that together make an entire synthesizer! 


  • CV Expander module for the HADSR Envelope Generator
  • 4 CV Inputs – Apply CV from different modulation sources
  • CV1, CV2, CV3, and CV4 Control – Selects desired Control Voltage Level
  • CV1 Control – Alters Attack
  • CV2 Control – Alters Decay Time
  • CV3 Control – Alters Sustain Level
  • CV4 Control – Alters Release Time
  • Hold Function on the Envelope Generator is not affected by CV

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • 25mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 15mA @ ±12V

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