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Terminal Dual Complex Function Gen / Dual VCFA / Echo FX - 26HP

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Terminal Dual Complex Function Gen / Dual VCFA / Echo FX - 26HP Terminal

The Terminal is a multifarious module optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. It features two voltage controlled envelope generators (each with looping functionality), two low-pass gates, an envelope follower, and a stereo output with voltage controllable digital reverb. The module can be used effectively alongside the Furthrrrr Generator, or just as usefully alongside other modules. 

Each of the module’s envelope generators can be used traditionally, as LFOs, or as oscillators at higher ranges. Each is a “transient function generator”, meaning they generate functions after an incoming trigger/pulse signal. Each generator features two stages: Take Off (Rise/Attack) and Landing (Fall/Decay), alongside unipolar and bipolar envelope outputs. 

Additionally, each generator features three modes of operation: Cruise, Transient, and Looping. In Cruise mode, the envelope sustains as long as a gate signal is present. Transient mode is essentially standard operation: a traditional envelope, sans sustain. Looping mode causes the enfold to retrigger once its cycle has completed, meaning the Terminal can be used for LFO or oscillator duties. 

Terminal Features

  • 26 HP width, up to 1" in depth (super slim & therefore skiff friendly).
  • Dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope generators with arbitary voltage controlled slope shapes: from EXP to LIN to LOG without stretching the time length of a certain slope.
  • 1 volt per octave control over envelopes in the looping mode (to use the envelopes as band-limited oscillators).
  • Dual opto-coupler controlled gates with universal sockets for a quick and simple exchange: one can use the factory supplied opto-couplers, replace the m with other ones or even roll your own: slow, fast, ringing – whatever!
  • Voltage controlled cabin pressure effect. Add space to the final mix with the proper CV and TAP controls.
  • Don't forget the stereo – dedicated stereo headphone output with voltage controlled panning.

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  • 26 HP/TE width, up to 1" in depth (skiff friendly)
  • +12V - 185mA max
  • -12V - 115mA max
  • 300 mA total
  • No +5V required. 

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