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$2,499.00 Shuttle System

The Shuttle System is a fully self-contained modular system consisting of five of their most renowned modules: Shuttle Control, Furthrrrr Generator, Grand Terminal, Cockpit, and Gateway. 

Shuttle Control converts MIDI to CV signals. Furthrrrr is a dual triangle core oscillator with advanced waveshaping capabilities. Grand Terminal is an amalgamation of a complex filter bank, dual function generator, and FX processor. Cockpit is a 4-channel stereo mixer with side chain ducking. Gateway is a dual unity mixer/polarizer for scaling, inverting, and offsetting voltages. 

Combined, these modules form a complex and highly capable synthesizer that can be configured in numerously inconceivable and surprising ways—whether they are entirely self-contained or in tandem with other modules/systems. 

Shuttle System Features

  • Shuttle System
  • Contains 5 Modules
  • Shuttle Control - MIDI/USB to CV
  • Furthrrrr Generator - Dual Oscillator with Waveshaping
  • Grand Terminal - Multifunction Filterbank, Function generators, and FX processor
  • Cockpit - 4 channel stereo mixer with sidechaining
  • Gateway - dual unity mixer, scale - polarize - offset
  • Eurorack Module System
  • Width: 84HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Housed in a Frap Tools type case
  • Power Supply Included Shuttle System Reviews
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