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Gateway Terminal Expansion - 10HP

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Item: N13-5065

Gateway Terminal Expansion - 10HP


Terminal operated by Endorphines Airways is a versatile and complex module. This makes it almost impossible to put all its controls on the faceplate. That’s why some rarely used functions could only be accessed with jumpers on the backside of the module. Some parts of the Terminal became so advanced that an external module become necessary to open up its fullpotential.

The Terminal XPansion module features two identical sections. The upper section of the module corresponds with Airplane A and the lower one with Airplane B.

The middle section of the module corresponds to EXP_A and EXP_B jumper sections of the Terminal module and switches the CV destination of each stage to be applied either to stage’s duration or shape. ‘End’ jacks for each of the Airplanes stand for the separate end of attack and end of decay trigger outputs. When the GatewayT_XP is connected to the Terminal module, the end of stage(s) outputs of the Terminal will return both end of attack AND end of decay trigger outputs.

If the VCF mode switch is turned UP it enables full 12db/oct filtering on the appropriate Gate A or B. GatewayT_XP is essentially a dual 1+1 channel mixer for CV (as well as audio) signals. Key in is an input for CV that comes from your Keyboard your MIDI-to-CV converter or quantizer. F.M. in is an input for other audio signals to frequency modulate Gate A or B in looping mode or other signals that are passingthrough equipped with an appropriate attenuverting knob. A / B Offset is a manual offset knob that adds from 0 to approximately 6.5V mixed together with Key and FM inputs. The final signal comes out at DROP out jack.

So far all we have here is a simple CV mixer. Now comes the special part – the tuning possibilities. The Tuner input jack for each Airplane is the tuner input for audio signals. By default, each end of decay triggers are routed there via the normalled knobs however using any audio signal as an input source is possible. The input features Schmidt trigger input – i.e. it will understand even very low non modular level signals like line out or guitar pickup signals. Afterwards the tuner is functionally identical to the one in our famous Furthrrrr Generator. The signal is being analyzed if the tune is higher or lower to the nearest A note. When the incoming signal is higher than the nearest A note the red LED will light up when it is lower the blue LED will do so.

And here is where the magic starts. Assuming you have put the drop out signal into your oscillator’s 1v/oct key input and then press the tune to A button the module will output stepped CV at the drop out jack and will tune your oscillator to the nearest A-note (the lower or higher one – depending on which A note is closer). The CV from the drop out output may also be connected to the Terminal’s Key in input to tune Terminal’s oscillators when Terminal is in Looping mode.


  • 10 HP/TE width, up to 1” in depth (super slim & therefore shuttle friendly)
  • Expands and gives you access to Terminal’s deep functions via the faceplate which gives you more controlover Terminals envelopes and the capability to use them as oscillators
  • Improved tuners with revolutionary Autotune algorithm – tune your VCOs automatically in a secondto the signals nearest A note
  • Works as a dual 1+1 attenuverting mixer with DC-offset shift

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  • 10 HP/TE width
  • Up to 1” in depth

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