Logic 202 (BLACK) - 16HP

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Logic 202 (BLACK) - 16HP


The EMW ‘Logic 202’ module has 3 main sections with 5 distinct logic functions that are very useful when users need to create alternative activation logic sequences, etc. The "AND" function output only goes high when both A and B inputs are high. The "OR" function output goes high when either A or B inputs are high. The FLIP-FLOPs respond to incoming pulses in a way that if one pulse comes in it's output stays high and it keep this logic level until another pulse arrives, when it happens the second pulse resets the output. To make it more complete, in this new LOGIC 202 module EMW also includes a 4-stage pulse divider with reset. 


  • 3 Main Sections
  • 5 Distinct Logic Functions
  • AND Function, OR Function, INVERTER Functions
  • 3 FLIP-FLOP Inputs and Outputs with LED Indication
  • 4-Stage Pulse Divider with Reset (Divisions: 2, 4, 8, 16)

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 16 HP Width
  • 50mm Depth
  • +12V: 70mA Current Draw
  • -12V: 0mA Current Draw

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