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EMW EMW-300 Synthesizer Voice Controller

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The EMW-300 is both a controller and expander for the EML-200. The controller boasts an additional oscillator and greatly expands the sonic potential of the 200 model. Though designed as an expander/controller, the 300 model is also capable of standalone operation. 

The controller’s voltage generator features a dedicated trigger input that transforms it into a 16-step analog sequencer that greatly expands the sonic potential of the EML-200. The generator features 16 knobs and 16 keys arranged in corresponding rows. Each knob adjusts a voltage that is emitted when the corresponding key is pressed. 

The internal note generator features a VCO with a dedicated modulation input, an envelope generator, PWM and Rate controls, a Manual/Auto switch, and a start/stop button that initializes the noise generator when the unit is set to Automatic mode. In addition to two envelope and gate outputs, the VCO and Noise generator each feature dual outputs. There’s also an extra trigger input on the back panel with a dedicated switch to select between Internal and External trigger modes. 

EMW-300 Features

  • A Eurorack Controller expansion rack 
  • Contains a full synthesizer voice
  • 16 Step Sequencer 
  • VCO with built in Envelope Generator
  • Voltage Controlled Switch for quick patch routing changes
  • Standalone instrument!
  • Pairs great with the EMW-200
  • PSU not included
  • Eurorack Compatible Synthesizer
  • Standalone 
  • PSU not included
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