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Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler

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Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler
Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler Octatrack DPS-1 Performance Sampler

Elektron Octatrack DPS-1

We all know how finding the perfect sample is just the start of the process. The Elektron Octatrack allows for the twisting and flipping of samples, and then the ability to reconstruct it into something that has your sound on it. The Octatrack offers massive sample processing in a machine designed for live performances. It will change how to transform your sounds, by allowing you to do things previously thought impossible with a single instrument.

The ability to record, time stretch, and pitch shift samples in real time in addition to controlling both internal audio and external MIDI equipment lets you take immediate control of your performances, letting you give your audience the sound that you can hear in your head. With a built-in crossfader, the octatrack lets you do some pretty unique things. First, select how you'd like the fader to affect your samples. Then nudge it at whatever speed you'd like, such as a scratching motion as if you're DJing on your mixer, or gently for smooth and subtle changes.

Boasting 8 audio and MIDI tracks, up to 64 steps per pattern, individual track length and track time signatures, and loads of on board EQs, reverbs, delays, filters, etc, you're able to change the way you perform just from one high quality, steel built, and highly flexible machine.

Octatrack DPS-1 Features

  • 8 × Audio tracks
  • 8 × MIDI tracks
  • Up to 64 steps per pattern
  • Individual track lengths
  • Individual track time signatures
  • Chromatic, slice, slot, and delay freeze modes
  • Parameter locks
  • Sample-per-step change
  • Micro timing
  • Retrig functionality
  • Swing and slide
  • Full real-time control
  • 14 onboard effects


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The Sequencer

  • 8 internal tracks
  • 16 banks per project
  • 256 patterns per project
  • 8 arrangements per project
  • 4 parts per bank
  • 16 scenes per part
  • Supports swing & slide
  • Microtiming
  • Unlimited parameter locks on each pattern step
  • Full real-time control
  • 8 track external midi seq


  • Flex machines (ram-based sample playback)
  • Static machines (streaming playback from compact flash)
  • Thru machines (external input playback)
  • Neighbor machines (track chaining playback)

Track Effects

  • 12/24db multimode filter
  • 2-band parametric EQ
  • DJ-style kill EQ
  • 2-10 stage phaser
  • Flanger
  • 2-5 tap chorus
  • Delay with repeat functionality
  • Gatebox plate reverb
  • Compressor
  • Lo-fi (SRR, BRR, DIST, & AM)
  • Comb filter

Balanced Audio Outputs

  • Headphones out level: +15dBu
  • Main/cue outputs level: +10bBu
  • Output impedence: 550 ohm unbalanced
  • S/N ratio: 102dBFS (20-20,000Hz)

Unbalanced Audio Inputs

  • Input level: +8dBu maximum
  • Audio input impedence: 9 k ohm
  • S/N Ratio: 99dBFS (20-20,000Hz)

Electrical Specifications

  • Unit power consumption: 8W typical, 18W maximum
  • Recommended power supply: 6V DC, 3A

Physical Specifications

  • Sturdy Steel Chassis
  • Dimensions: W 340 x D181 x H63 mm (13.4 x 7 x 2.4") (Including audio ouputs, knobs & rubber feet)
  • Weight: 2.4kg (5.2lbs)


  • 4GB high speed compact flash card included

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