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Electronic instruments have been an increasingly important aspect of music production since the mid 1800’s, when Harmann von Helmholtz’s On the Sensations of Tone sought to bridge the gap between science and music theory through a detailed explanation of the physiology of music. From that point, music and technology have inarguably progressed in tandem, resulting in a kaleidoscopic array of products and workflows intended to free composers and musicians alike from the shackles of traditional music theory.

Today, products like theremins, analog and digital synthesizers, electronic keyboards, drum machines, electronic drum kits, vocoders, tape recorders, samplers, MIDI devices, and much more provide a different set of options as opposed to traditional instruments, affording more opportunities for sound creation outside the bounds of traditional music theory. This has allowed people with limited knowledge of theory to produce remarkable, influential compositions, and have a lot of fun while doing so.

All electronic instruments incorporate audio signal processing into their methodology. Consequently, today they are incorporated into almost every conceivable style of music. Perfect Circuit Audio is dedicated to providing a robust and varied selection of electronic instruments that will aid in the creative development of any professional or personal projects.