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Electro-Faustus Greyfly Buzz and Fuzz Killing Machine

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Electro-Faustus Greyfly

The result of a collaboration between Electro-Faustus Noise Devices and Fuzzrocious Pedals, the Greyfly is a merciless consolidation of their Blackfly and Grey State pedals, housed in a single robust and undeniably brutal-looking chassis. Like the Blackfly, the Greyfly assists in the generation of experimental noisescapes with all the power afforded by amplified strings.

However, this is where the similarities to the Blackfly end, because the Greyfly makes use of the same intensity produced by the Grey Stache to produce a cacophonous fuzz for even harsher, vibier noises. This insidious feature can be activated by pressing the foot switch in Buzz mode, or switching it into Fuzz mode. Users can also experiment with the device’s Swat function for delightful cut-up effects that would make Burroughs weep tears of dada.

Greyfly Features

  • Amplified springs with momentary killswitch from Electro-Faustus Blackfly
  • Gritty fuzz from the Fuzzrocious Grey Stache
  • Scratchy, springy, noisy weirdness just got noisier
  • 9VDC, center-negative (not included)
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