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EF109 Drone Thing

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EF109 Drone Thing
EF109 Drone Thing EF109 Drone Thing EF109 Drone Thing EF109 Drone Thing EF109 Drone Thing

The Electro-Faustus Drone Thing puts 6 individually controlled oscillators at your fingertips. An electronic hurdy-gurdy for the 21st century!

The Drone Thing contains 6 polyphonic oscillators. Each of the 6 knobs controls the pitch ofan individual oscillator. The first oscillator (left most knob) is an LFO. It’s frequency is lower than the remaining 5. This can be used to create interesting rhythmic patterns when used in conjunction with the other oscillators. Turning the knobs clockwise will increase the pitch

The oscillators can be turned on/off individually. They are On in the Up position and Offin the Down position.

The Tone control controls the cutoff frequency of a Low Pass Filter. Turned Counter-Clockwise, all higher frequencies will be cut. The Tone willbe very bass-like. As you turn Clockwise, the tone will become brighter and with more harmonics. 

The Power Starve control essentially throttles the amount of power going to the IC chip. When turned CounterClockwise, only a small amount of power will go to the chip.

This can create some interesting white noise type sounds. When turned Clockwise, full power will be going to the chip. The oscillators will generate a more typical square wave frequency.


  • Six free-running oscillators with independent pitch control knobs.
  • Each oscillator has independent on/off switch. 
  • Integrated Low Pass Filter. 
  • Power Starve function for timbral waveshaping and distortion. 

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  • Standard 9V Pedal Power (Boss Style)

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