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Elby Designs IF112 Double Deka VCO

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Elby Designs IF112 Double Deka

The Elby Designs IF112 Double Deka VCO is a unique take on a voltage controlled oscillator that is anything but traditional. The module boasts an ultrasonic oscillator core routed through a pair of parallel waveform generators. Each generator is comprised of a switch multi-octave divider and circuitry capable of generating a 10-step waveform, which is to be used in tandem with the front panel sliders. There’s also an onboard novel synchronization circuit that can be operated in two different modes. There’s also an internal ring modulator for additional enharmonic flavor.

IF112 Features

  • Two ultra stable oscillators with extreme timbral variability.
  • Unique slider interface for waveshaping controls.
  • Built in Digital Ring Modulation.
  • Toggle switch between Harmonic and Enharmonic synchronization options. 
  • Precise tracking over many octaves. 

  • Eurorack Module
  • 34HP
  • Power: Standard Eurorack 12V power connection

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