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ES78 VCA - 7HP

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Item: N13-5183

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ES78 VCA - 7HP


The ES78 module is an outstanding inter-patch VCA, boasting very low noise and exponential response.

It was built as a small VCA function to be used at various spots within a system for internal VCA functions (unlike the VCA's for output mixing).

The ES78 features an audio taper which is an exponential curve with a 12db per volt sensitivity throughout the range except below around 0.5 volts . Past this threshold, the output of the VCA will decrease quickly to completely attenuate the signal. This response is ideal for our envelope voltage range, and results in exceptionally quiet 

Control voltage rejection is very high, and the module cannot be over-driven beyond a gain factor of two.


  • Low noise
  • Exponential response
  • Designed for use in various spots within a system
  • Audio taper for quick total attenuation below 0.5 volts

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  • Module Width: 7HP

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