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Elby Designs ES19 Negative Slew

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Elby Designs ES19

The Elby Designs ES19 is a multifarious module, if there ever was one. In a nutshell, the ES19 supplies a versatile range of voltage controllable slew amounts. However, the module’s slew is only active in the negative direction. Additionally, users can patch the pulse out back into the input to force the module to behave as a VC sawtooth oscillator / pulse generator. If an audio signal is patched into the slew limiter, the module will detect its envelope and output a complex envelope. When a pulse is applied in the same way, the ES19 behaves like an envelope generator with snappy rise and voltage controllable fall. 

ES19 Features

  • Wide range VC slew rates
  • Active in negative direction only
  • Can be used as a sawtooth osc or pulse generator
  • Module Width: 7HP
  • Power +12V: 20mA
  • Power -12V: 2mA
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