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Elby Designs ES18 VC-Multiplier 3

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Elby Designs ES18

The Elby Designs ES18 is renowned for its full-wave rectification, sometimes referred to as non-linear waveshaping. However, despite its compact size, the ES18 boasts three interconnected full-wave rectifier sections. 

When a sine or triangle wave is applied to the ES18’s input its frequency is doubled. Consequently, sweeping through the voltage control input’s entire range results in smooth transitions accompanied by even harmonics and bits of other partials for a deeply rich and intricate sound. Unlike other full-wave rectifiers, the ES18’s rectification is not accompanied by a reduction in output amplitude. Rather, the module efficiently maintains signal integrity without any sonic alterations. 

ES18 Features

  • Uses full wave rectification
  • Complex level compensating conditioning for no loss in output
  • Two inputs for mixing prior to processing 
  • Module Width: 7HP
  • Power +12V: 20mA
  • Power -12V: 0mA
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