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ED103 MIDI2SDS(X) MIDI to Trigger Converter - 13HP

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ED103 MIDI2SDS(X) MIDI to Trigger Converter - 13HP


The ED103-MIDI2SDS(X) is an 8-channel MIDI note to Trigger unit suitable for use with a variety of drum machines including the SDS range from Simmons for which it was originally designed.

The unit has 8, velocity sensitive, trigger outputs which can be assigned to a specific MIDI Note using the `LEARN’ mode.

The period of the gate-on time can be adjusted using the onboard trimpot (P101) from approximately 1mS to approximately 130mS. Factory setting is 10mS.

The amplitude of the trigger outputs can be adjusted using two onboard trimpots. P151 sets the lower voltage level and is factory set for 0V. P152 sets the upper voltage level which can extend from around 5V to 10V. The factory setting is 5V.

It also has a 'learn' mode, which lets you assign different notes and channels to different triggers. You could, for example, have four triggers on channel 10, two more on channel 11, one on channel 15 and one on channel 2.

To use the `learn’ mode, you simply hold down the LEARN button until all the LED’s come on. Then the LED for the first channel to be set will flash once every second, indicating that it is waiting for a note to be assigned to trigger it. Once received it will trigger its output, and then flash the next LED showing it is waiting for the next trigger assignment. Repeat for all 8 triggers, if you don't want to reprogram all the outputs then simply wait, the unit will time out after roughly 4 seconds, saving any changes to trigger notes in FLASH memory.

8 LED’s indicate the status of each of the output triggers and are also used during LEARN mode to assist the user whilst programming the board.


  • MIDI In
  • Learn button: Engages MIDI learn mode
  • 8 Trigger outputs
  • 8 LED indicators
  • Easily calibratable via trimmers and dip switches on the back (See manual)

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 13 HP Wide
  • +12V: 30 mA current draw
  • -12V: 7 mA current draw
  • 8.5 cm deep

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