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CGS763 Power Supply Delay

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CGS763 Power Supply Delay


Does your commercial PSU fail to start properly? Does one power rail remain off? If so, the CGS763 Power Supply Delay will solve your problems.

Due to rather heavy usage of bypass capacitors in the synth and DIY scene (a good thing) some shortcomings of commercial power supplies have come to light. The most frequent is the failure of one or both power rails to come up at power-on, caused by the initial demand of all the bypass capacitors. The power supplies sense this as an overload and shut down. If modules were brought on-line in groups instead of all at once, the power-up surges would be limited to what the power supply can handle. Of course, once a group of modules has started, its current demands are less, allowing ample capacity for the supply to start another group of modules.

The Power Supply Delay does exactly that. After a predetermined time, it closes a set of relay contacts, powering the modules connected to it. The delay is adjustable, so as more modules are added, extra Power Supply Delays can be added, adjusted to different times to keep the start-up load distributed.

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