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EarthQuaker Devices
Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Shifter

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Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Shifter

EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine is one of EarthQuaker Devices’s most renowned and recognizable pedals. From its characteristic sound to its strikingly noticeable enclosure, this is a pedal that begs for attention in all the right ways. Think of the Rainbow Machine as a polyphonic harmonizing modulation powerhouse—or, a shoegazer’s dream.

The pedal utilizes modern DSP technology in tandem with analog circuitry to achieve radical realtime pitch shifting. It imparts polyphonic harmonies, chaotic chorusing, shimmering trails, and complex transformations upon any audio signal present at its input. Users can shift from one 4th down through one 3rd up and everywhere in-between, tracking perfectly across the entire neck.

The Rainbow Machine’s Magic setting is one of the most singular aspects of the pedal. This parameter is essentially a regeneration control that produces aliasing between the two functions as they feedback against one another. Additional controls include Pitch, Primary, Secondary, Tracking, and Tone. Pitch alters the pitch of the harmony, Primary, which alters the volume of the pitch shifted signal, Secondary alters the volume of the secondary pitch shifted signal, Tracking dictates the amount of lag between the shifted and dry signals, and Tone does exactly as it promises: affects the overall tone. When used in tandem with the Magic control, users can easily produce a wide range of potent psychedelic flavors.

Rainbow Machine Features

  • All Analog Dry Signal Path
  • Expression Control Jack
  • Activate Switch
  • Magic Switch
  • Pitch Control
  • Primary Control
  • Secondary Control
  • Tracking Control
  • Magic Control
  • Tone Control
  • True Bypass
  • 2.1mm regulated 9V

Rainbow Machine Demo

Pedalboard Combo of the Week 2 from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

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  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative (2.1mm barrel)
  • Current Draw: 60mA
  • Daisychains not recommended
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • Hand-Built
  • Dimensions: 4.625″ x 3.7″ x 2.25″ 

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