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Synthesis Technology
E580 Resampling Mini-Delay - 14HP

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Item: N13-3586

E580 Resampling Mini-Delay - 14HP

The Synthesis Technology E580 resampling mini-delay emulates the classic sounds of digital, bbd and tape-based delays with 4 parameters under voltage control. The E580 recreates the pitch-shift modulating of bbds with the variable bandwidth and noise floor without costly bbd ics. In tape mode, wow & flutter, tape saturation and non-linear distortion model classic tape units without the bulk and maintenance.

There are two simultaneous audio outputs: a straight delay and a variable tapped delay. the tap position is a percentage of the main delay time. This allows very short delays (<350us) as well as long delays (750ms). Both tap position (‘offset’) and main delay time are voltage-controlled over a -5v to +5v range.

The feedback is jumper-selectable from either the tapped position or the main delay. This flexibility can generate standard ‘rhythmic’ delays (feedback from main delay) or a series of 'pre-delay reflections' (tapped delay) which sound very different from each other.


  • Wet/Dry: controls the mixture of the original input (dry) and the delayed signal (wet). Not that 100% dry is fully counterclock wise and 100% wet is fully clockwise. In general, the best sounds are in the 40-80% wet range.
  • Feedback: this sets the amount of delayed signal fed back into the input based on the option jumper. Note that this is a bi-polar control knob with zero feedback in the center position (12 noon).
  • Tap Offset: this sets the percentages of the Tap Out in relation to the Delay Time. For example, if the Delay Time is set to 100ms, the Tap sets from 0 to 100ms. The time resolution is very fine (over 7,000 independent positions) to allow very smooth modulation of the tap position.
  • Delay time: this sets the delay time for the Delay Out. Note that since Tap Out is a percentage of Delay, if you change Delay Time, you also change Tap Out delay time. But, the percentage of Tap to Delay is constant.
  • The 4 CV inputs do not have corresponding CV attenuators, and CV is added to the corresponding panel control.

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  • +12V @ 105mA ; -12V @ 20mA
  • 14 HP
  • Max Delay Time:  780ms (0.78 seconds)
  • DSP engine: 16-bit, 39kHz sample rate.

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