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Dwarfcraft Devices The Minivan Echo

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Dwarfcraft Devices The Minivan Echo

The Minivan Echo, from Dwarfcraft Devices, is a distinctly dark echo effect that utilizes an ancient PT2399 chip that lends the pedal a distinctly analog sound. Sure, the pedal is capable of traditional, albeit shorter, delays that cover the most ideal ranges of the circuit. However, by turning the knob just a bit further, the pedal slips into sludgy, mangled territory that can eventually reach cacophonous levels of self-oscillation. 

Users can connect an expression pedal for versatile control over the feedback amount, or insert a stereo to dual mono 1/4” cable to introduce external effects into the delay line. Different effects will have remarkably divergent impacts when mangled by the Minivan, so feel free to experiment with as many sources as possible.

The Minivan Echo Features

  • Delay pedal built of the old digital chip, PT2399
  • Control knobs for Delay time, Feedback, and Mix
  • FX Insert for routing other effects in the delay line
  • Feedback can be controlled up to self-oscillation
  • Expression pedal input for feedback amount
  • Standard 9V DC Center Negative power
  • Rugged Aluminum Casing
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