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Dwarfcraft Devices
Silver Rose Dual Fuzz

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Item: N13-3942

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Silver Rose Dual Fuzz

The Silver Rose is a classic super fuzz and IC Big Muff design combined together with a mixer that allows one to blend between the two fuzz tones. It includes a clean knob, and an Active Bass / Treble EQ knobs that can also be bypassed.

The Silver Rose was commissioned by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. It has two different EQs for each fuzz type, along with the ability to blend together both of the fuzz styles. Made from top-quality boutique components professionally board mounted with a "soft-touch" footswitch utilizing relay switching, which makes replacing the foot switch a breeze years from now when you've put the pedal through millions of hours of good rock and roll use. :) Powered by a standard negative tip 2.1mm 9 volt DC jack, or 9 volt battery via internal connector.


  • The Super Fuzz circuit creates a wide variety of “old school” tones, from raspy classic rock to grinding, mid scooped doom fuzz.
  • The Eau Claire Thunder picks up the other end of the fuzz spectrum, warm and wooly, but with aggressive distortion on tap as well.
  • The redesigned EQ can get you +/- 10db on both treble and bass.
  • A clean blend, with a dedicated volume control.
  • The Super Fuzz, Eau Claire Thunder and the Clean blend all have dedicated volume controls.
  • An auxiliary clean output, always sending a clean signal out for advanced routing or signal splitting.

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  • Standard 2.1mm 9 Volt DC Power Jack
  • Optional 9V Battery Terminal
  • Rugged Aluminum Case

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