Dual Oscillator - 28HP

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Dual Oscillator - 28HP


A Buchla inspired dual oscillator that won't empty your bank account! The Dual Oscillator is two standard VCOs with a few bells and whistles hidden up it's sleave. Both oscillators have Course and Fine tune control, 1v/oct Pitch CV inputs, and frequency CV inputs with bipolar attenuverting knobs. Generator 1 has a dedicated FM input with a modulation amount knob, while Generator 2 has a Sync input with a knob blending between soft and hard synchronization.

Generator 1 can be synchronized to Generator 2 with the sync switch located in between them. There are many different cross-modulation options available, witch three different switches deciding which or all parameters are subjected to modulation.

The AM switch makes Generator 1 control the amplitude level of Generator 2. When in low frequency, this effect acts as a tremolo effect, but when the modulator is in audio range it will produce ring modulation.

The FM switch makes Generator 1 change the frequency of Generator 2 without having to use up an extra patch cable.

The Timbre switch makes Generator 1 modulate the Timbre section of Generator 2, the effect of which can only be heard out of the "Final" output. The cross modulation options have a modulation amount knob with dedicated CV input and a bipolar attenuverter.

A switch from VCO to LFO on Generator 1 turns the first oscillator in a low frequency modulation source for smooth sweeping of timbres or slow gliding oscillator frequencies.

The Harmonics section of the module is another timbral shaper attached to the Final output and can be used to produce non-standard waveshapes and morphing textures. Both controls have CV inputs for modulation. With plenty of waveshape outputs and timbral capabilities, this oscillator is a one stop shop for all your sound generating needs.


  • Dual oscillator with integrated wave shaper
  • Course and Fine tune for each oscillator
  • 1v/Oct inputs for precise keyboard tracking over 5 octaves
  • Frequency CV inputs with independent bipolar attenuverting knobs
  • Generator 1 has VCO/LFO Switch for a wider range of modulation capabilites
  • Built in Waveshaper with Harmonics control and Wave Fold control (Timbre)
  • Generator 1 has Tri, Saw, and Square waveshape outputs
  • Generator 2 has Sine, Square, and the Waveshaped outputs

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  • 28 HP
  • Standard Eurorack Power: +/- 12V
  • Depth: ~1.5"

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