dlADSR Dual Looping ADSR - 16HP

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dlADSR Dual Looping ADSR - 16HP


Introducing Bubblesound's new Dual Looping ADSR. Both envelope generators are clones of the Roland M-140. These are transistor based envelope generators and have a very snappy character. When no external gate inputs are patched to trigger the envelopes, 2 LFOs act as clocks. Both LFOs still function as free-running LFOs, outputting Square and Triangle waveshapes even when the envelopes are receiving external gates. There are three outs per envelope generator: a normal 0-8V output; an inverted output; and a +-5V out for bi-polar CV inputs. The inverted output option is great for stereo effects or 'contrary motion'.  In addition to these three, there is also a mix output for all three styles of outputs.  With 9 EG outputs and 2 LFOs this is the most full featured envelope generator on the market.


  • Dual ADSR
  • Gate inputs and inverted gate outputs for each envelope.
  • Dual free-running LFOs.
  • Unipolar Positive, Unipolar Negative, and Bi-Polar outputs.
  • Mix outputs for above voltage types. Nine outputs all together.
  • LFO range: 15 seconds per cycle to 300 Hz
  • Attack range: 1.5ms to 4 seconds
  • Decay range: 4ms to 12 seconds
  • Sustain input: 0-10V
  • Release: 4ms to 12 seconds

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  • 16HP
  • Depth: ~ 1.6 inches ; 40mm; Skiff friendly
  • Standard +-12V Eurorack Power

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