Hades Bass Synthesizer

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Hades Bass Synthesizer
Hades Bass Synthesizer Hades Bass Synthesizer

Dreadbox Hades Bass Synth

Hades, from Dreadbox, is a desktop Bass Synthesizer with a small 3.5mm patch bay. It is the sibling of the Erebus, Dreadbox's other desktop synthesizer. The Hades is a single oscillator synth with Sawtooth and Square waveshapes. It also includes two sub oscillators, one -1 oct, and the other -2 oct. These sub oscillators are what gives the Hades its powerful low end capabilities. There are small knobs to adjust the glide amount and the pulse width. The filter is a 3-pole, -18dB/Octave lowpass filter, slightly modeled after the TB-303 filter. It has cutoff and resonance controls. The VCA and Drive circuits are both discrete OTA circuits, with the Drive causing overdrive to extreme distortion. Two Envelopes are available, an ADSR which can be assigned to filter cutoff, and an Attack-Release envelope hardwired to the VCA. A triangle wave LFO is available for modulation. The Hades can track 5 octaves with MIDI, and unlimited tracking via CV. With 8 patch points, it is also a great for interfacing with other patchable gear such as Eurorack modular equipment.

Hades Features

  • Full Analog Circuit only with Through Hole Components
  • 1x VCO with 2 suboctaves (3 voices in total)
  • Pulse width and Glide controls
  • 3-pole 18dB/oct Resonating Low Pass Filter
  • OTA Distortion Circuit for extreme sounds
  • OTA based VCA
  • 2 envelope Generators.Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain (extra snappy and patchable), Attack, Release (VCA hardwired)
  • Triangle Wave LFO
  • 8 point patch matrix eurorack compatible
  • 5 MIDI Octaves from C0 up to C5 or unlimited via CV/Gate

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  • Works only with 12V AC 500mA power supply 2,5mm center pin
  • MIDI interface: Midi in DIN socket, Pitch note/gate on-off, retrigger function, Mod wheel (hardwired on VCF), Pitch wheel, MIDI Channel select 1-7 or Omni (DIP switch)
  • MONO AUDIO OUT (1/4″ TS-Unbalanced), sends up to 10Vpp o
  • Patches: 3.5mm mono
  • Gate in: activation at 0.9V in a low gain up to 5V for max gain
  • Gate out: 0-5V
  • 1V/oct : sends the MIDI to CV out (not the Gate)
  • CV IN: works at 1V/oct and can accept from +/-12V
  • OSC OUT: sends 10Vpp Sawtooth or Pulse Wave
  • Envelope out: 0-6.6V depending on the depth setting
  • LFO out: +/-5V
  • Weight: 0,9 kgr
  • 209 x 160 x 40 mm

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