G System Modular Synthesizer

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G System Modular Synthesizer


The Dreadbox G System is a pre assembled bundle of the Modular Case, the Alpha module, Omikron module, Lamda module, Delta module, Theta module and Gamma module. Everything you need to start making massive mono soundscapes. The case and all the modules are built to exacting standards with high quality parts and beautiful design.


  • Modular Case
  • Alpha Module dual ADSR
  • Omikron Module Multi-wave dual oscilator 
  • Lamda Module 8 pole 48db state variable filter
  • Theta Module simple dual LFO with sample & hold
  • Delta Module dual digital parallel lofi delay
  • Gamma Module unique 6 sawtooth synth voice with 2 pole 12db state variable filter

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  • Envelope Out: -8V up to 8V, depending on level’s position
  • Gate Out: 0-5V
  • CV1 /CV2: 0-5V (5 octaves tracking)
  • Pitch Wheel: +/- 1 octave
  • Gate In: accepts up to 12V and activation starts at 1V
  • 22 HP


  • In: works with any level of instrument and above
  • Out: Sends the Clean to Sub level at a max 5Vpp, depending on the setting
  • Sync: sends 10Vpp pulse, matching with the frequency of the Audio Input
  • Gate: sends 0-5V pulse
  • All waves are 10Vpp
  • PW: accepts +/-5V
  • CV: 1V/oct tunable, accepts +/-12V
  • Osc Frequency Range: No limitations
  • 22 HP


  • Input: works best with 10Vpp signals
  • Cut Off Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Cut Off CV: accepts +/-12V
  • Post: accepts +/-12V
  • VCA:  accepts +/-12V, works best at +/-5V
  • Output: Maximum 12Vpp, depending on the setting
  • 20 HP


  • Input: accepts up to 5Vpp inputs
  • Higher inputs will work, but the wet signal will be overdriven
  • CV: accepts +/-5V
  • Time: 15ms – 500ms
  • 16 HP


  • LFO Range: 25sec – 50Hz
  • Sample & Hold: accepts up to 10Vpp inputs
  • Clock Range: 2sec – 3000Hz
  • Clock Out: 0-5V pulse
  • Noise Out: 10Vpp
  • 20 HP


  • Voice: 3-6 VCOs 10Vpp
  • VCO CV: accepts +/-12V (tunable at 1V/oct)
  • Direct VCA: 5Vpp output, accepts CVs +/-12V, works best at +/-5V , By-passes the filter
  • Filter: accepts CVs +/-12V, works best at +/-5V
  • Cut off Frequency Range: 50Hz – 12KHz
  • Main VCA: CVs +/-12V, works best at +/-5V
  • Output: +/-10Vpp
  • 22 HP

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