MCV4 MIDI to CV Gate Interface

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MCV4 MIDI to CV Gate Interface


The Doepfer ‘MCV4’ is a compact and affordable four mode MIDI to CV/GATE Interface for controlling vintage monophonic and modular synthesizers via MIDI. MCV4 provides 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1, CV2, CV3, and CV40 and one Gate/Trigger output. 


  • Compact Four Mode MIDI to CV/GATE Interface
  • CV1 Voltage Range (Normally for VCO CV Pitch Control): 0 - +5V, 8 Bit Resolution (Equivalent to 1/4 semitone resolution)
  • CV2, CV3, CV4 (For Voltage Control of other Functions e.g. VCF Frequency, Loudness, and other modulations)
  • MIDI control of CV1: note on/off with pitch-bend, 1V/octave characteristic
  • MIDI control of CV2 monophonic after-touch
  • MIDI control of CV3 velocity and/or volume (controller #7)
  • MIDI control of CV4 velocity and/or any controller (setting of the controller number via learn button)
  • Pitch-Bend is used for CV1 generation with 1/4 semitone resolution
  • Gate Output type can be selected via jumper inside the device between Voltage Trigger (+5V or power supply voltage) and S-Trigger (Switched Trigger)
  • MIDI Channel and Reference Note for CV1=0V adjustable via learn button
  • Different Assign Modes for CV1 (Highest Note, Last Note, Reference Note)
  • Retrigger ON/OFF while playing legato
  • Gate/Trigger Polarity Normal/Inverted
  • Two 1/4" Stereo Jack Sockets for CV1/2 and CV3/4
  • 1/4" Mono Jack Socket for Gate/Trigger
  • Learn button with LED for adjusting MIDI channel, reference note for CV1, controller for CV4
  • Optical display of Gate/Trigger via LED
  • Non-volatile Memory for Parameter Settings

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  • Sturdy Metal Case (95x75x35mm, 1mm sheet steel)
  • CV1/2 Output
  • CV3/4 Output
  • Gate/Trig Output
  • MIDI Input Socket
  • MIDI Thru Socket
  • External AC Adapter for Power Supply: 12V DC 100mA (Center-Positive)

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