Dark Energy II Synthesizer

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Dark Energy II Synthesizer
Dark Energy II Synthesizer Dark Energy II Synthesizer Dark Energy II Synthesizer


The Doepfer ‘Dark Energy II’ is an Analog Monophonic Stand-Alone Desktop Synthesizer with a built-in USB and MIDI Interface. The sound generation and all modulation sources are 100% analog, only the USB/MIDI interface contains digital components. Dark Energy is built into a rugged black metal case with wooden side plates. High quality potentiometers with metal shafts are used and each potentiometer - except the filter mode control - is fixed to the case (no wobbly shafts and knobs). The distance between the controls is a bit wider compared to A-100 modules and knobs with a vintage look are used.

The Dark Energy II features a Sawtooth based VCO core and a 12dB multimode filter with lowpass, notch, highs, and bandpass. It also features a VCA with a manual amplitude control, a fully controllable ADSR, and 2 LFOs. The synthesizer also features modulation source selection controls and additional range settings that allow users to dramatical shape sounds. The Dark Energy II also allows for external signal inputs to be used with the synthesizer’s analog filter, amp and modulation sources.

The Dark Energy II’s USB/MIDI Interface allows users to play sounds via a DAW or external keyboards/sequencers. 


  • Analog Monophonic Synthesizer with Built-In USB and MIDI Interface
  • Synthesizer includes VCO, VCF, VCA, LFO 1, LFO 2, and Envelope Generator
  • VCO Controls: Tune, FM, PW, PWM
  • VCO Switches: Octave (UP/DOWN), FM Source (LFO 1/ADSR), Waveform Shape (SAW/OFF/CLIPPED-INVERTED SAWTOOTH), PWM Source (LFO 2/ADSR)
  • VCF Controls: Frequency Cutoff, XFM, Mode, Resonance
  • VCF Switches: Track Mode (HALF/OFF/FULL), XFM Source (LFO 2/ADSR)
  • ADSR Range Select Switch: LOW/HIGH/MEDIUM
  • Envelope Output LED Indication
  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release Controls
  • VCA Controls: AMP, Amp Modulation
  • VCA Amp Modulation Source Switch: LFO 1/ADSR
  • LED Indication for LFO 1 and LFO 2
  • Shape Select for both LFOs: TRI/PULSE
  • LFO Range Select Switch for both LFOs: LOW/HIGH/MEDIUM
  • LFO Frequency Control for both LFOs
  • Front Panel Inputs: VCO F, VCO PW, VCF F, VCA A, GATE
  • Front Panel Outputs: LFO 1, Envelope, Audio
  • Rear Outputs: GATE, CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4/Audio Output
  • Rear MIDI Learn Button
  • MIDI Input at Rear
  • USB Socket Connection at Rear

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  • Dimensions: 7.28” x 5.71” x 2.95”
  • Analog Outputs Rear: GATE, CV 1, CV 2, CV 3, CV 4/Audio Output
  • Analog Outputs Front: LFO 1, Envelope, Audio
  • Analog Inputs Front: VCO F, VCO PW, VCF F, VCA A, GATE
  • USB Socket
  • MIDI Input
  • External AC Adapter for Power Supply: 15V AC 400mA

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