A-167 Analog Comparator - 8HP

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A-167 Analog Comparator - 8HP


The Doepfer A-167 produces gate signals by comparing the levels of two input signals.

By performing some internal math based on your inputs, their respective attenuator settings, and the built-in offset control, the A-167 is able to determine moment-to-moment which input voltage is highest and thereby whether to produce a high or low voltage at the gate output. A built-in gap control determines the distance between the voltage thresholds required to reset the gate output to a low or high state.

And if that all sounds a little bit complex, what is important to know is this: the A-167 creates gate signals based on comparison of two incoming voltages. It is excellent for triggering envelopes under certain voltage conditions, for initiating processes beyond a particular signal loudness, for converting incoming audio into square waves, and far more.


  • Generates gates based on comparing incoming voltages
  • Built in attenuators and offset for carefully tuning incoming voltages
  • Gap knob for controlling gate reset thresholds
  • Dedicated comparator output & inverted comparator output
  • Dedicated output for analog sum of attenuated input voltages and offset control
  • LED monitor for current comparator status

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  • Panel width: 8hp
  • Module depth: 40 mm
  • Current draw: 20mA @ +12V / 10mA @ -12V

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