A-166 Dual Logic - 8HP

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A-166 Dual Logic - 8HP


The Doepfer A-166 is a dual 3-way logic module with two built-in signal inverters. Doepfer has gone through several measures to make implementation as easy and interesting as possible.

Each logic section accepts up to three gate inputs and produces three logic outputs based on comparison of these inputs: AND, OR, and XOR. Built in inverters allow access to the inverted versions of these functions: NAND, NOR, NEXOR. Normalization between inputs 1 and 2 and inputs 2 and 3 for each logic section mean that two-input logic is also easy.

Doepfer's A-166 Logic is great for situations where you want to generate a variety of steady or shifting gate patterns from simple gate sources. This can be a fantastic source of rhythmic variety.


  • Two AND/OR/XOR logic circuits with 3 inputs each
  • Normalization allows for two-input logic
  • Two built-in inverters

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  • Panel width: 8hp
  • Module depth: 50 mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V / 20mA @ -12V

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