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A-156 Dual Quantizer - 8HP

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A-156 Dual Quantizer - 8HP

Doepfer A-156 Dual Quantizer

Doepfer’s A-156 module is a dual voltage controlled quantizer capable of converting a continuous CV signal (0 - +10V) to a stepped output voltage in the same range. The module features several different quantization modes: major scale, minor scale, major chord, minor chord, fundamental + fifth, and even adds sevenths or sixths when chord modes are used. 

A-156 Dual Quantizer Features

  • Control voltage input (CV In): The input for the contiuous voltage to be quantized
  • Control voltage output (CV Out): The output of the quantized voltage
  • Trigger input (Trig.In): If this jack is left open the quantizer is working permanently. If a rectangle voltage is applied quantisation happens only at the rising edge of the signal (e.g. from an LFO or MIDI-to-Sync interface). Thus the quantizing can be synchronized with other events.
  • Trigger output (Trig.Out): Whenever a quantisation happens (i.e. a new voltage is generated at the CV Out) a positive pulse occurs at this output. It may be used to trigger an envelope generator (ADSR) or for triggering other modules (sequential switch A-151, trigger divider/sequencer A-160/161, trigger delay A-162, ...). If none of these functions are used the jack is left open.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Current Draw: 50mA @ +/-12V

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