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Doepfer A-112 Sampler (Vintage Series)

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Doepfer A-112

Doepfer’s hefty A-112 module is a clever amalgamation of a voltage controlled 8-bit sampler and a wavetable oscillator with some additional tricks up its sleeve. The module features 8-bit audio resolution, 2 banks of 64kB memory (for a total of 128kB), an input with dedicated attenuator, and the ability to transfer sounds between the module and a computer via MIDI.

Additionally, the module features non-volatile memory, and manual tune control over the sampling rate. In wavetable mode, the module is capable of stepping through a sample in 256 “byte-wide loops”. The speed at which  it steps through these samples is governable by the “Wave CV” input. This mode is quite deep and something users can get lost in for days.

The module also has an additional 8-bit effects section featuring effects like delay, reverse delay, pitch shifting, and freeze. The module uses a battery for nonvolatile storage, so users will want to ensure that it is replaced approximately every two years.

This is the vintage edition of the module, complete with an evocative black faceplate.

A-112 Features

  • 8 Bit Sampler and Wavetable oscillator
  • 128kB memory in 2 banks of 64kB each
  • Equivalent to 2 seconds of sampling time for each bank with 32 kHz sampling rate
  • Possibility of MIDI Dump to store sounds in a computer via MIDI
  • Non volatile memory for the 2 samples in the module
  • Gate input (not a trigger: the sample starts at the positive edge of the gate signal and is played as long as gate is high or until the end of the sample is reached)
  • Non filtered audio output (thus quantizing noise can be used as an element of the sound intentionally)
  • 127 different wavetable storage spots which can be modulated  through with control voltage 
  • Effects like delay, reverse delay, pitch shifting or freeze.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Current Draw: 50mA @ +/-12V
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