A-108 VCF8 Multislope Lowpass Filter - 12HP

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A-108 VCF8 Multislope Lowpass Filter - 12HP


The A-108 module from Doepfer is a transistor ladder filter based on the Moog design, but includes many other filter slope outputs. Because of the filters internal 8 stages, there are 8 different filter slopes available: -6dB/oct, -12dB/oct, -18dB/oct, -24dB/oct, -30dB/oct, -36dB/oct, -42dB/oct, and -48dB/oct. Although all 8 slopes are accessible, only four outputs are available on the panel of the module. The default settings are set to output -6, -12, -24, and -48 dB/oct, as based upon user experience, but the other slopes are accessible via jumpers on the PCB. An interesting addition to this filter is the ability to patch into the resonance feedback circuit, allowing one to patch in a VCA for voltage controlled resonance, or send it through phase shifters or wave multipliers for complex timbral manipulation. 


  • Multislope Low Pass Filter
  • Transistor Ladder Moog Style Design
  • 8 different filter slopes available, four outputs on panel
  • Resonance loop breakout

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 75mm
  • Current Draw: 40mA @ +/-12V

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