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Doepfer A-106-6 XPander Filter

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Doepfer A-106-6

Module A-106-6 is a 12dB multimode filter that is based on the filter circuit of the Oberheim SEM module.The filter is equipped with a band pass output and a combined low/notch/high pass output. For this output a control knob defines the relation between low and high pass signal. If both signals appear at the same level (i.e. middle position of the Mix knob) one obtains a notch filter. Otherwise the low or high pass signal predominates. The module does not feature self oscillation in contrast to most of the other filters of the A-100 system. The module generates a distorted audio signal if the level control is set to about 50% (i.e. center position) or more with A-100 standard signals like VCOs.

A-106-6 Features

  • -12dB/Octave multimode filter
  • Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Notch Filter Types
  • Fade knob between Low Pass and High Pas styles
  • Resonance does not self oscillate but provides a very clean and creamy accentuation 
  • Distortion occurs when the Level knob exceeds 50% for a dirtier and grittier tone. 
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Current Draw: 30mA @ +/-12V
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