Thanks to the rapid influx of technology the world of DJ’ing has experienced several existential changes in the last decade. Originally, DJ’ing involved the manual manipulation of gramophone records via turntables. Today, DJs have a wider range of options, including tapes, CDs, and digital files. Naturally, each medium benefits from different technology. Perfect Circuit Audio is proud to offer a wide-ranging selection of DJ equipment meant to address every facet of the profession. So whether you’re old school and abhorred by autosync or modern and use a laptop and/or controller, our vast selection has something for everyone.

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  1. DDJ-1000 4-Channel DJ Performance Controller
    Pioneer DDJ-1000 4-Channel DJ Performance Controller

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  2. Teil1 Keinedelay
    Teile Elektronik Teil1 Keinedelay

    Arriving Soon We're expecting more shortly!

1-2 of 2 items

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