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Detroit Underground
DU-SEQ Pulsing Sequencer - 30HP

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DU-SEQ Pulsing Sequencer - 30HP

Detroit Underground DU-SEQ

The Detroit Underground Du-SEQ is an 8-step sequencer for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. Its primary orientation is to aid in the creation of intricate bass lines and/or melodic progressions. Each step is represented by a slider with corresponding green LED that lights up every time every time a gate is triggered for that specific step. The sliders are optimized for 1V/Oct and boast a 2V range for two octaves. Each step can have anywhere from one to eight gates, all of which can trigger a single pulse per gate, or trigger all in the span of a single clock pulse. Additionally, the module affords long gates and per-step slew that can also be manually applied at the push of a button, enabling easy creation of complex sliding basslines. 

In terms of clocking, the Du-SEQ incorporates discreet digital logic chips for precise timing. Conversely, it uses analog circuitry for its voltages. Combined, this composition ensures  that each knob perpetrates a single function and the controls consistently display accurate information. It can be clocked internally or externally, and there’s even a half-time button that can apply an 8-step pattern over a 16-step bar. All of this and more makes the Du-SEQ ideal for the construction of thumping basslines with continually changing patterns. 

DU-SEQ Features

  • 8 step sequencer
  • Internal or external clock with half time button
  • 2 volt range for CV out
  • 1 to 8 pulses or clocks per step
  • 6 gate options (no gate, gate, multiple gate, long gate, external gate 1 or external gate 2)
  • Adjustable slew with buttons to switch slew on and off for each step
  • Variable gate time
  • Forward and reverse dirctions with CV control

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 30HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current Draw: 8mA@+12V, 8mA@-12V, 110mA@+5V

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