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Detroit Underground
DU-SEQ Pulsing Sequencer - 30HP

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Item: N13-6109

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DU-SEQ Pulsing Sequencer - 30HP


The DU-SEQ from Detroit Underground is an 8 step sequencer with a lot of options to make interesting and complex bass lines or melodies. Each of the 8 steps has a slider with a green LED that lights up when the gate is triggered for that step, the sliders have a 2 volt range for 2 octaves with 1V/octave standard. There are a ton of interesting options for gates, each step can havefrom 1 to 8 gates, and those can trigger eiter all in one clock pulse, or one pulse per gate. There are also long gates and slew which only takes effect on stages with the slew button pressed in, so you can create complex tied and sliding basslines.

The circuit of the DU-SEQ only uses discrete digital logic chips for clocking and analog circuitry for the voltages, so each knob does only one function and the controls always show what is going on. There is an internal clock, but external clocks can also be used and there is even a half time button, which can be useful for putting an 8 step pattern over a 16 step bar. The DU-SEQ is great for making pulsing bass lines with changing gate patterns and skips and slides, that sound like they came from something much more complicated than an 8 step sequencer.


  • 8 step sequencer
  • Internal or external clock with half time button
  • 2 volt range for CV out
  • 1 to 8 pulses or clocks per step
  • 6 gate options (no gate, gate, multiple gate, long gate, external gate 1 or external gate 2)
  • Adjustable slew with buttons to switch slew on and off for each step
  • Variable gate time
  • Forward and reverse dirctions with CV control

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Module Width: 30HP
  • Module Depth: TBA
  • Current Draw: TBA

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