DC1 Drum Computer Trigger Sequencer - 20HP

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DC1 Drum Computer Trigger Sequencer - 20HP


The DC1drumcomputer is a pattern based trigger sequencer with many traditional features and a handful of twists for your beat/trigger creativity. It is an 8 track 16step trigger seq with Load/Store capabilities (up to 128 patterns), pattern length (global), track length (for each one!), swing/shuffle, internal clock generation or external slave-ing, and the classical start/stop/pause commands.

The interface is a etch-a-sketch, or X-Y based, by means of a dotmatrix led display and two encoders with pushbutton. In any state, you can ‘point’ the step that you want to activate/deactivate with the encoders and push to change its state. The encoders are metal shaft, automotive type products to ensure durability and stiffness.

The twists are coming in the form of 4 independent CV inputs that are totally configurable, each one, to influence the following stuff: bpm, track lenght (individual!), shuffle, beat density, pattern jump, randomize, track mute, etc…. By pressing the CVin button (A,B,C,D) and simply turning the encoder you enable the input to change the parameter that is shown in pseudomnemonic code on the display.


  • 8 Track / 16 Step Trigger Sequencer
  • X-Y Encoders for Editing
  • Internal & External Clocking
  • Individual Track Length
  • Shuffle & Swing
  • Pattern Load & Store
  • 4 CV Inputs
  • Modulatable Parameters: Tracklen, Swing, Tempo, Beat Density, Randomize, Pattern +/-, Trackmute
  • SDCard Upgrades

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 20HP Width

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