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Darkglass Electronics
Tone Capsule Preamplifier

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Item: N13-6486

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Tone Capsule Preamplifier


Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule Preamplifier

Super charge your bass! The Tone Capsule is a new, unusual take on onboard preamps. Designed to respect your instrument’s natural character while expanding tonal possibilities.

The Tone Capsule is unique in the way that it doesn’t have a Treble control. The idea was Sheldon Dingwall’s: he thought that making a Bass-Mid-Treble was too normal for his liking because everyone does it that way, so he suggested including a second mid control instead. We loved the idea! Specially because the second control could be configured to operate at the higher end of the spectrum, offering all the benefits a standard Treble control (increased clarity and definition when boosting) but with a more natural, less-harsh and noiseless operation.


  • 9V-18V operation: The Tone Capsule can function with either one or two batteries in series for 9V or 18V operation respectively (battery clips not included)
  • Bass: +-12dB @70Hz (potentiometer included)
  • Mids: +-12dB @500Hz (potentiometer included)
  • Hi Mids: +-12dB 2.8kHz (potentiometer included)

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Power Requirements

  • 9V-18V Batteries in series or singular (battery clips not included)

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