D-2000 Drum Machine

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D-2000 Drum Machine
D-2000 Drum Machine D-2000 Drum Machine


The D-2000 is an all-new design, based on our previous drum-sound simulation circuits. Unlike the previous D-1000, everything in the D-2000 has been tweaked and maximized and pushed. It is NOT intended for fast-and-dirty bland, conventional backing tracks, it is for the mad experimenter and the risk-taker and the experienced studio musician who wants extreme analog. Each of the three tunable drums ("PITCHED DRUM") is made from a vacuum tube ringing bandpass filter, and can be tuned to sound from below 20 Hz to over 2 kHz using a "vactrol" photoresistor. They are also tunable with external control voltages (varying 0-5v), allowing complex patterns to be built up with external CV or pulse sources. Resonance of each PITCHED DRUM circuit is set by front-panel controls. Each circuit also has a "Drive" control, allowing the pulse input to be varied from complete shutoff (silence) to full sounding to overdrive. The PITCHED DRUMs are very similar to the R-54 module.

Because there are now far better trigger sequencers available on the modular-synth market than we can make, we chose to equip this rackmount device with no sequencer. Instead there is an 8HP space for a Eurorack sequencer or trigger generator. A power cable provides +12v and -5v and should power any trigger or gate generator that will fit in 8HP (most only need +12v power). We recommend either the Delptronics Triggerman or the ALM Pamela's Workout, both have been tested and are known to work very well. Trigger sequencers and generators from other modular synth equipment may also be used. The D-2000 trigger inputs will accept any pulse source: 0 to +5v, 0 to +10v, 0 to +15v, it doesn't matter. You can also run strong audio signals into the trigger inputs, they will mix with the noise in the GATED NOISE channels and convert the PITCHED DRUM channels into tunable bandpass filters. Try that with a digital sampled drumbox.

Ample inputs and outputs: mix output (with overdriveable tube preamp), separate outputs for each drum sound channel, external trigger inputs for each drum sound channel, and CV inputs for each drum sound channel. Use any pulse generator to drive the trigger inputs. Very short pulses are recommended for the pitched-drum triggers, and longer pulses for the cymbal triggers. The Triggerman and the Pamela's Workout are both capable of producing different pulse lengths on their separate outputs. They have very different user interfaces, so choose the one you prefer.

Product Features:

  • 3 Pitched Drums w/ vacuum tibe ringing bandpass filters
  • Total of six tubes
  • Tunable using external control voltage
  • Manual triggers on a per channel basis

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  • Inputs and outputs 1/8" jacks, except main mix output on 1/4" jack
  • 3U high rackmount enclosure
  • Protrudes behind panel less than 1.5" (not including Euro sequencer if one is installed) and tubes protrude above panel less than 1.75"
  • Weight (minus AC adapter) approx 5 lbs (3.7 kg)
  • Power: 12 volts DC only, 2 amps
  • Power inlet: 2.1mm or 2.5mm coaxial jack
  • The D-2000 includes a "universal" AC-DC switching power supply accepting 100v to 240v mains, that may be used anywhere on earth, provided the correct AC power plug is attached (we can only supply North American power cords, adapters are available anyplace where travel supplies are sold)
  • Tubes used: 2 x 6CB6/6CF6, 3 x 5U8 or 5GH8, 1 x 3AU6.

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