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Cyclops ILDA Laser Projector Interface - 16HP

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Item: N13-6112

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Cyclops ILDA Laser Projector Interface - 16HP


Your eurorack modular can do almost anything, including control freaking lazers now. The LZX Cyclops allows you to input CV controls to control the X axis, Y axis and red, green and blue levels for an ILDA (International Laser Display Association) laser show projector. The X & Y position CV ins accept +/-5V and the red, green and blue CV inputs take 0-5V signals. If you have other LZX video signals in your system in the 0-1V range you can change the color inputs to those levels with switches on the back of the module. Each CV input has an attenuator and a bias knob for getting your control signals into the right range and the X & Y position inputs have switches to inver the CV. There is a master scale knob that can adjust the size of your projection as well.

With oscillators connected to all of the CV inputs you can create oscillographics and lissajous curves projected with lazers. quadature oscillators running at divisions and multiplications of a base frequency can make for interesting patterns with a lazer projector as well. The module has filtering to protect most lazer projectors and is compatible with digital and analog RGB color lazers. The lazer projector is connected via the DB25 port on the front of the module.


  • 5 channel interface: X & Y Position (+/-5V) and Red, Green & Blue (0-5V), configuration switches on the module rear alternatively allow selection of LZX video standard signals (0-1V)
  • Voltage Control Input, Voltage Control Attenuator and Bias Control per input channel
  • Input inversion switches for X & Y voltage control inputs.Master XY scale control sets overall size of laser image
  • ILDA standard differential output drivers for each channel to ILDA standard DB25 connector port.  A DB25 serial cable is all you need to connect this module to a wide range of compatible laser projectors
  • Selectable low-pass filters on X & Y channels with settings for 20KPPS and 30KPPS projectors & filter bypass
  • Compatible with TTL RGB and Analogue RGB color lasers.Interlock & Shutter switches for remote control of laser projector

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current Draw: 60mA@+12v, 50mA@-12v

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