CS-8 Series PHS-28 Dual Phaser - 19HP

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CS-8 Series PHS-28 Dual Phaser - 19HP


The PHS-28 is a very versatile and fully analogue voltage controlled 2 channel phaser (phaseshifter) with 8 stages per channel.

The channels are cascadable to a true 16 stage phaser with a feedback loop over all 16 stages by one switching click. Very deep and impressive phasing effects are possible. The stage for the feedback as well as for the output are independently selectable. The PHS-28 has an unbelievably warm and forceful sound.

Furthermore, the module is equipped with lots of CV (Control Voltage) inputs for phase frequency (FREQ), resonance (RESO) and emphasize (EMPH), separately for each channel that true and independent dual audio operating is possible.

Design and implementation meet highest technical standards concerning usability, sound quality, and electromagnetic immunity. The entire design and production work was done in Germany.


  • Input A & B Level Controls
  • Frequency Control
  • Resonance Control
  • Mix A & B Controls
  • Depth B Control
  • Emphasis Control
  • FB Stage Level Control
  • Out Stage Level Control
  • FB A Mode Switch
  • FD B On/Off Switch
  • Input A & B Audio Ins
  • +/- CV A CV Ins
  • +/- CV B CV Ins
  • Res A & B CV Ins
  • Emph A & B CV Ins
  • St-8 A & St-8 B Audio Outputs
  • Mix A & Mix B Audio Outputs

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 19 HP Width

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