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Crumar Mojo Double Manual Organ

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Crumar Mojo

In terms of digital tone wheel organ simulators, the Crumar Mojo is well ahead of the curve. The core of the Mojo makes use of the GSi VB3 Version II to achieve optimal sound and performance quality. 

The unit’s front panel is both intuitive and concise, affording easy access to all necessary parameters without any menu diving or screen interaction. Every control is located right where it should be, so experienced organists need only refer to their muscle memory while novices can work on developing theirs.

In terms of controls and features, the Mojo boasts a set of nine drawbars, one for each manual, in addition to an additional two drawbars specifically for pedalboard tones. There’s also a classic quad button configuration for the percussion effect, seven preset buttons, and a triad off buttons for the vibrato/chorus effect. Speaking of effects, there’s also an overdrive effect, reverb, and an EQ section. Users can further customize their experience by configuring one of twenty-two different virtual tone generators. Even better, users can configure their own custom tone generator! 

Mojo Features

  • Two Manual Organ with in-line 61-note 5 octave C - C waterfall keyboards
  • 2 Groups of 9 Drawbars, 2 middle Drawbars for pedalboard
  • Percussion: On-off / Volume / Decay / Harmonic
  • Vibrato/Chorus I-II-III
  • 6 Selectable presets per manual (plus 2 drawbars selection buttons).
  • Easy storage of drawbars settings
  • 6 Controls for Volume, Drive, Equalization (Treble, Bass), KeyClick, Reverb
  • Selection of rotary fast-slow and run-stop
  • Pedal to lower button (adds the sound of pedalboard to lower manual)
  • Shift/programming button for alternate functions
  • MIDI out and MIDI in connections (also used for Midi pedalboard)
  • USB connection for auxiliary MIDI output
  • MIDI out and MIDI in connections (also used for Midi pedalboard)
  • USB connection for auxiliary MIDI output
  • Balanced Audio outputs
  • Headphones jack
  • Finishes: Real Wood
  • Dimensions: Length 98 cm x Depth 49,5 cm x Heigth 15 cm
  • Weigth: 17 Kg
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