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Crank Sturgeon
CroMagnet (Electromagnet Pickup)

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Item: N13-6426

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CroMagnet (Electromagnet Pickup)
CroMagnet (Electromagnet Pickup) CroMagnet (Electromagnet Pickup)


The CroMagnet is our version of an old-timey electromagnetic pickup. What differentiates this from our other microphones is the component itself: in lieu of a piezo transducer element, this pickup is constructed with an iron core, wound with a copper coil. The result is similar to a guitar pickup; anything that is magnetic becomes amplified. Terminated with approximately four feet of cable and a 1/4" guitar plug, the CroMagnet pickup is wrapped in tough heat shrink. 

This pickup is designed for the experimental artist -- by NO means is this an actual guitar pickup! It's a lofi device: maybe a tad buzzy (although not as bad as a single coil guitar pickup); it also might need a little gain/trim adjustment on your mixer. That said, the CroMagnet is a splendid workhorse and responds well when amplifying motors, bits of metal, fluorescent lamps, speakers (including telephone speakers), as well as ebows and electric toothbrushes! It comes with an extra magnet to play around with.

Product Features:

  • Handmade item
  • Electromagnetic Pickup

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  • Heat shrink
  • Silicon
  • Magnet
  • Four foot cable
  • Quarter inch plug
  • Electromagnet
  • Copper coil

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