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Circuit Abbey Intermix Universal Mix Expander

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Circuit Abbey Intermix

Intermix was originally conceived as a mix expander for the G8 divider module. However, further experimentation necessitated the current incarnation: a universal mix adapter. The module features 8 attenuverting inputs that all feed a single mix output. There's a gain switch for altering the level amounts in consideration of a particular use: high gain for filters and lower gain for sending pitch signals to VCOs.

All of these features bring a plethora of possibilities to whatever modular environment the module is integrated into, especially when paired with the G8. Users can even chain multiple Intermixes together, effectively intermixing the Intermix, for multiple channels off a single G8. This enables a variety of operations, including using one channel to control pitch while a second opens a filter and a third changes the tempo of the clock source.

Intermix features two modes of operation, each of which mixes all its inputs into a single output. Mode numero uno makes use of min and max outputs, while the seocnd mode has split outputs for the left and right knob banks. This means two devices with four outputs can be mixed at the same time.

Intermix Features

  • Expand modules from several manufacturers
  • 1-8: Attenuverters for channels 1-8
  • Gain: Selects the gain of the output channels
  • Min/Left: Min output for Min/Max mode, left bank output for L/R mode
  • Max/Right: Max output for Min/Max mode, right bank output for L/R mode
  • Out: Main output. Always has all 8 channels mixed


  • Eurorack module
  • 8 HP wide
  • 40 mm deep
  • +/-12V: 60mA maximum current draw
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