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Circuit Abbey
Impulse Drive Wave Multiplier - 12HP

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Impulse Drive Wave Multiplier - 12HP


Harmonics galore! A wave multiplying signal processing module which produces thick CV-able harmonic fields.

The Impulse Drive crossfades any two input sources and drives three comparator engines that are then cross-modulated to create unheard of sonic palettes. Crossfading, along with each of the comparator engines are under full CV control for precise timbre navigation. Feed combinations of waves, control signals, or experimental sources such as drum machines into the Impulse Drive to generate swirling streams of alien landscapes!

You can crossfade between the two signal inputs manually or with a control voltage; the result will be then processed by three comparator units called GRIDs, each producing a pulse wave. The Bias parameter determines the switching threshold of the comparator and it can be set manually or with a voltage. Each GRID section modulates the next one thru a digital ring modulator and adds even more harmonics. The signals can be tapped at the various outputs.

The Impulse Drive has 3 sections of harmonic generation with CV control. Each section feeds into the next using Digital Ring Mod technology and produces increasingly complex harmonic fields.

The Impulse Drive can be run at LFO rates to produce gates at the outputs - allows for generating CV-able sequences.

Conceived and refined over a decade in the Circuit Abbey lab, the Impulse Drive will provide unique flavor to any studio.


  • 2 signal inputs (Injector)
  • 1 Injector-Select CV input
  • 3 CV inputs for the waveshaper units (Grid 1-3)
  • 3 Outs
  • 3 Exhaust Port Outs
  • MON output
  • Injector Select knob
  • Injector Level knob
  • Level and Bias knobs for each 3 grids
  • LED Indicators for each Out


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  • Eurorack module
  • +/- 12V: 50mA current draw
  • 12 HP wide
  • 33 mm deep

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