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Spectre Through Zero Flanger Pedal

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Spectre Through Zero Flanger Pedal
Spectre Through Zero Flanger Pedal Spectre Through Zero Flanger Pedal


The Spectre from Chase Bliss Audio is an incredibly feature stacked through zero flanger pedal. Like all of Chase Bliss's amazing pedals, it features the dipswitch matrix on the rear of the pedal which allows users to direct any and all of the parameters to either the Ramp knob or an expression pedal. Users not familiar with the concept of through zero flanging would understand it best as what a flanger is supposed to sound like, in this case it is the emulation of actual physical tape flanging where the delayed signal (in the Spectre's case, the two delayed signals) passes in front of the dry signal causing the two signals to move in and out of phase which results in that much loved otherworldly swoosh sound otherwise known as comb filtering. 

With controls for Mix/Ramp, Zero, Regen, Rate, Width, Shift, starting and ending wave shape selectors, Tap tempo, and preset switch, and MIDI control, there are a wealth of creative possibilities. These are furthered of course by the abilities of the dipswitch matrix. One would be hard pressed to find a more full featured, or smoother sounding flanger, and just like Chase Bliss's other pedals, the Spectre doesn't suffer from feature overload. No erroneous or unusable settings, just pure flanged bliss (pun intended).


  • Controls for: Mix/Ramp, Zero, Regen, Rate, Width, Shift, Tap tempo
  • Wave shape selectors for start and end of wave
  • MIDI control
  • Expression/CV control
  • Dipswitch matrix for routing parameters to Ramp control or expression pedal
  • True bypass

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  • Power consumption ~25mA 
  • 2.1mm 9V DC center negative adapter or 9v battery operation

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