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CGS721 Super Psycho LFO - 24HP

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CGS721 Super Psycho LFO - 24HP


Make your patches psycho with the CGS721 Super Psycho LFO!

The Super Psycho LFO features six free-running oscillators, each variable between LFO and audio ranges, two of which can be switched to have triangular wave outputs. Each oscillator can be switched between low and high ranges, as well as off, and also has a rate LED, to allow visual determination of the frequency at which it is running. The mixed outputs of the oscillators is then fed through a Level control and Glide circuit.

The Super Psycho LFO is a fairly simple circuit with a lot of repetition. The circuit consists of several distinct blocks. The first are the oscillators, each based on a section of a 40106 hex schmitt inverter and their associated components. The switch allows extra capacitance to be added, reducing the speed of the oscillator to a lower range. The same switch allows the capacitor to be bypassed to the negative rail via a protection resistor, disabling the oscillator, and setting its output to near 0 volts. The RATE controls allow the upper frequency range to extend over a large portion of the audio spectrum, and in the lower frequency position, to extend from sub-audio to low audio frequencies. Two of the oscillators (5 & 6) are equipped with voltage followers that follow the, roughly, triangular shape of the waveform present on the oscillator capacitors. The 100k and 360k resistors on the output, when coupled to the virtual-ground summing node of the following mixer, via the switch, correct the amplitude and offset of the triangle wave. The next block is a traditional op-amp inverting mixer stage. Signals from the six oscillators are mixed through 470k resistors, the overall gain controlled by a 100k pot in the feedback path of the op amp.


  • 6 LFOs mixed through a Level control and Glide circuit
  • 2 are switchable between square and triangle wave
  • Off/Hi/Lo range switch per oscillator
  • Rate control per oscillator
  • Rate LED per oscillator
  • Glide with rate control and on/off switch
  • Range knob controls level of output
  • CV Output

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 22 HP Wide
  • +12V: 10 mA current draw
  • -12V: 45 mA current draw

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