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Caroline Guitar Company
Wave Cannon v2 Overdrive

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Item: N13-2635

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Wave Cannon v2 Overdrive

So, what IS the story on Wave Cannon® version 2.0, or as we’ve decided to call it, the Wave Cannon MKII Superdistorter? The long story short is that this thing is an unrepentant, unapologetic distortion pedal that is totally nasty and fun. This Cannon comes pre-loaded with balls (pun alert!) and is capable of going from cranked, lightly dirty amp tones to the sound of a furry Godzilla devouring a junkyard full of broken a/c window units.

It’s different than the original, which was based on the classic ’70s fuzzstortions we grew up playing. It’s different from our Haymaker™, which is a wide range drive pedal based around the rotation of a clipping network into different locations in the circuit, and which is intended to respond and feel like an extension of your amp.

This pedal is really about rocking your socks off. While it can do some extremely cool mild-to-medium crunch tones, Wave Cannon II is really capable of overwhelming your amp. The focus (mids) and tone controls are different from what we’ve done before and can give you a really broad range of textures and voicings. There is a LOT of gain and volume on tap, as we’d been infuriated in the past by great sounding classic distortion pedals we’ve owned that didn’t go far enough with clean amps, or were quieter than unity gain or the bypass signal. The rumble switch allows more low end if you want it, or lets you tighten things up if you don’t need it.

In distortion mode, it is a veritable Swiss army knife of overdrive sounds, capable of going from a “clean” boost all the way to amber waves of gain. In Havoc™ mode, chaos reigns.

Don't pretend that this pedal is for anyone and everyone. The Wave Cannon is not for the novice who expects their gain pedal to do most of the work for them. Nor did Caroline nanny-state this pedal to protect you from yourself; if you crank the drive controls and use a really bright guitar and amp, things may get weird, squeal, and whistle at you.

However, a serious player will find plenty of great sounds with the Wave Cannon that respond to how they play; changing your technique, pick attack, dynamics, guitar and amp controls, pickup selections, and so on will yield a variety of great sounds.

You will also be surprised by the sonic mayhem that the Wave Cannon is capable of when you flip the Havoc™ switch!


  • Picture Based Control Labels
  • Vintage OD to Screaming Distortion
  • Cleans Up With Guitar Volume
  • HAVOC Switch for Oscillation Mode

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  • 9 volt operation
  • True bypass
  • Rugged Construction

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