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Caroline Guitar Company
Haymaker Dynamic Drive

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Haymaker Dynamic Drive
Haymaker Dynamic Drive Haymaker Dynamic Drive Haymaker Dynamic Drive Haymaker Dynamic Drive Haymaker Dynamic Drive


Haymaker™ is our take on an ultimate overdrive circuit. It is capable of a much broader range of tones than most expect out of a drive; from glassy barely-on light grit to full-on distorted textures, Haymaker can do it all. Just like you, it's not a reissue or a clone - it can do classic tones, but go further. 

The Haymaker doesn’t sound like “just another overdrive” either. When the folks at Caroline slapped the word “dynamic” on it, they didn’t do it for marketing. The pedal really reacts to your playing technique, and new sounds can be coaxed from it depending on your attack. The Haymaker features four controls: Volume, Punch, Highs and Shape.

Punch is the amount of gain available, and it really runs the gamut from slight grit to full-on amp overload. Shape is a frequency response control, and it helps set the level of grit in the signal. The Punch and Shape knobs interact beautifully. The Highs control is a low-pass filter that helps shave off any transient treble frequencies that might arise.

The Mode switch is a three-way toggle that actually changes the position of the circuit’s clipping section; Mode A is a standard soft clipping, Mode B is a clipping lift and Mode C places the clipping arrangement into the hardest available.


  • Mode A is set for classic soft clipped overdrive, but with extra bass and gain available on top
  • Mode B is less compressed with more volume, and capable of clear, powerful output for slamming an amp
  • Mode C is hard clipped drive, capable of going into distorted and fuzzy textures at higher gain settings
  • PUNCH controls the amount of gain and drive in the circuit. More punch = more crunch
  • SHAPE refines the frequency response and amount of grit. Think of it as controlling how much "hair" is in the drive
  • STACKS is a low-pass filter that controls the amount of high-end treble content in the distorted output
  • The SPEAKER is the overall effected volume. Consider yourself warned - this pedal has a LOT of volume on top (especially in Mode B)



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  • 9 volt operation
  • True bypass
  • Rugged Construction

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